ECEn 490 - Robot Racers
Winter 2013

Course Information

Professor: Dr. James Archibald

Professor: Dr. Doran Wilde

Teaching Assistants: Garrett Hartman, office in 496 Clyde

Lab Time: Tu-Th 1:00 - 1:50 PM, 393 CB

This project is offered in Winter semester.   Students interested in doing this senior project should talk to Dr. Archibald or Dr. Wilde.

BYU students and faculty are interested in developing the technology for autonomous, visually controlled vehicles, both on the ground and in the air.   This project follows along the same themes as other robot-based senior projects at BYU where undergraduate students demonstrated how to control small robot vehicles using a computer (Robot Soccer) and how to process video information to control a robot vehicle (IGVC).   This project poses a new and challenging problem .   The goal is to be able to autonomously control light-weight vehicles (adapted from off-the-shelf RC trucks) using on-board cameras, computers, and vision processing.   The major objectives of this project are:

  • Create robot trucks that are light-weight, small-footprint, low power, and completely autonomous.   All control processing is done using on-board resources without aid of any external control.
  • Robots are controlled using an on-board camera and vision system.   Visual information is used to control the steering and speed of the trucks and to identify obstacles and goals.
  • Develop a challenging and entertaining competition that will demonstrate these capabilities.

Prerequisites: ECEn 425, ECEn 427 or ECEn 483, C or C++ Programming, VHDL

Policies: Academic honesty, preventing sexual harassment and discrimination, and students with disabilities.

Sponsors: International Foundation for Telemetering